Stranger by Night (#6)

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Sex and horror, intertwined since the beginning of the human race, take on all new twists and turns (and contortions) in Stranger By Night, sixth in the Hot Blood erotic horror anthology series — with one of its most illustrious lists of contributors. From two sisters with a penchant for revenge from beyond the grave to a hitchhiker’s last ride, this darkly sensual collection, filled with tales of unspeakable horror and deadly desire, features two of the greatest UK horror writers, Ramsey Campbell and Brian Lumley.  Actress/scream queen Brinke Stevens contributes original fiction. Comics illustrator and TV writer Bruce Jones contributes to the Hot Blood series for the first time, while Graham Masterton returns with another classic.  Lucy Taylor and Brian Hodge are among the other brilliant horror writers, 18 stories in all, that probe every dark desire.


“A good sampling of stories from this slipperiest of subgenres. The success of the present volume points to a value of the whole series — strong emphasis on the erotic. There’s something in these 18 tales of orgasmic dread to satisfy most tastes […] STRANGER BY NIGHT demonstrates that the Hot Blood books haven’t lost their steam in any sense of the phrase.”


“Whatever your tastes, be prepared to be titillated and terrorized.”

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