Let it pour.

On the night of the biggest storm in New York City history, Elysia Puente gets a call from her estranged little brother Angel, terrified, begging for help. When the call cuts out suddenly, despite the bad feelings between them, Ellie rushes into the night. Finding his broken phone in front of a barricaded subway station, Ellie follows echoes of her brother into the sinister darkness of the underground, desperate to find him before it’s too late.For fans of dark fantasy realism, Submerged is a tale of modern Orpheus set in the underworld of the NYC subway system.


“SUBMERGED is a unique story full of beauty, sadness, and at it’s core hope. The characters will absolutely appeal to Latinx readers but at the same time does not limit it to a specific readership. This is a classic story for humanity and it’s written and illustrated beautifully. There is so much submerged below the surface of what’s on the pages that readers are sure to enjoy the journey that the creative team is taking them on.”


“SUBMERGED is a retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice that flips the original myth on its head. The comic relies on vastly different character dynamics and introduces a much more modern setting; however, the beats remain the same. Whether or not you are familiar with the original myth, Submerged will grab your attention from the jump. I suggest you dive right in.”

Comics Beat

“While SUBMERGED is a mini-series, there is certainly enough character and meat here to keep you sustained for its entire run.”

Black Nerd Problems

“this book delivers; there’s groundwork laid here that should pay off down the road, and just enough to hook the reader back for the second issue.”

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