Sucker Punch (#3)

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The Spec Ops Squad is a group of elite soldiers from every alien race in the Alliance of Light. They’re supposed to be the best of the best: It’s been tough to forge them into a team: they didn’t have much in common at the beginning. But commanding officer Sergeant Bart “Dragon” Drak has done a good job, and the Squad has achieved some important victories—at a heavy cost.

Now they’re facing their toughest test yet. The Alliance of Light has built a utopian community on the planet Unity, where people from all the various alien races live together. But Unity is threatened by an attack from the Ilion Federation. The Spec Ops Squad and the rest of their regiment are responsible for holding Ilion at bay until the Alliance can build up their supports. The Squad is up for the task. The only question is, can Unity hold itself together long enough?


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