The Devil’s Menagerie

Fear is his favorite medium

FBI agent Karen Younger’s worst nightmare just came true. A vicious serial killer from a cold case has struck again—his crimes spanning two different continents, eight years apart. But he’s only getting started, and with each young woman brutally beaten to death across San Carlos, California, he’s sending someone a message.

Glenda Lindstrom is facing a nightmare of her own. Her abusive ex-husband, Ralph Beringer, is back in town—repeatedly calling, stalking her kids, breaking into their home. He doesn’t want a reunion, he wants revenge. Beringer has never forgiven Glenda for taking their son away and remarrying. But she can’t convince anyone that the man terrorizing her is capable of far worse than misdemeanors.

Beringer is rapidly losing control over his murderous impulses, and he has Glenda and her family exactly where he needs them to complete his grisly scheme. With only a handful of clues and gritty instinct, Agent Younger is running out of time to solve the case before a madman’s rage erupts again.


“Old pro Charbonneau constructs an absorbing, effective thriller.”


“A straightforward tale of nonstop suspense. Fiction and reality blend here to a fever pitch. Once begun, this book is difficult to put down.”

Library Journal

“Diabolical […] a chilling portrait of a killer without remorse who commits unspeakable crimes.”

Abilene Reporter News

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