The Gobblin’ Society

“…[A] twisted but delightful fantasy tale… Mystery, mesmerism, murder, and mayhem combine into a jolly good time. Blaylock’s fans will be gratified.” —Publishers Weekly

When coffins bearing what might be living corpses are discovered in a sea cave long used by smugglers, Langdon St. Ives and his wife Alice are precipitated into a hellish mystery involving an ages-old house standing on the chalk cliffs of the Kentish coast. The strange house, shunned by the people Broadstairs and Margate, caters to a century-old eating society that offers a secret catalogue of corpses for sale and a menu for wealthy members with… eccentric tastes. When the society sets out to entrap St. Ives, an onrushing adventure ensues as Alice and the formidable Frobishers fight for their lives—an adventure that seems to ensure a deadly ending.


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