The Golden Eagle Mystery (#2)

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In a seaside town, Djuna discovers theft, secrets—and murder

When Djuna goes to spend the summer with troubled Aunt Patty, he passes the time swimming, eating steamed clams, and catching lobsters out in the bay. But when seemingly worthless trinkets start disappearing from Aunt Patty’s house, Djuna’s sleuthing instincts spring into action, and he soon discovers something far more frightening than petty theft.

Then Aunt Patty’s fishing boat disappears from the docks. When she and Djuna discover it set adrift along the rocky coast, Djuna tries to save the ship, but it has been smashed to bits by the waves. Djuna is certain that what happened to the Patagonia was no accident. The old ship was murdered—and he will find out who did it.


“Nine to twelve is not too young for the craving for mystery stories to show itself, so start them with worthwhile ones. The ""Ellery Queen, Jr."" mysteries fill this bill [...] A sure choice for a fast seller. Good item for school and public libraries.”


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