The Golem of Deneb Seven and Other Stories

31 science fiction and fantasy short stories encompassing hard SF, fantasy humor, and everything in-between:

* Refugees with a salvaged mech suit find that family ties are stronger than armor.

* Two artificial intelligences in love turn the world into their playground.

* Modern-day Dante is guided through hell by the ghost of Bob Marley.

* Ancient gods and monsters stalk the halls of a 1920s night club.

* A young woman must save her planet by committing an act of terror.

* In the rekindled space race between the United States, Russia, and India, the winner might be the nation willing to sacrifice the most.


"There was not a single story that didn’t make me laugh, utter a soft gasp at the twist or provoke strong emotions in the way the tale was told. The thoughtful way each tale presented its characters and situations plunged right into the heart of it immediately in a way that I wanted to see where it would take me. Being full of heart is also how I would describe each one as well because the emotions on display by all the different characters are easily relatable and made me think about how I would feel if I was placed into any of these unusual situations."

The Indie Athenaeum

"The stories bounce across, and often combine, genres and frequently have a humorous aspect (sometimes subtle, sometimes slapstick). There’s a winking tone to even the most serious of these stories, a “we’re in this together, dear reader” style that immediately tells you it’s a Shvartsman story. I count this recognizability as a good thing, much in the way you pretty much always know if you’re reading a Neil Gaiman or Seanan McGuire story.... Highly recommended."

Sunday Shorts

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