The Last Book You’ll Ever Read

Civilization is a lie. Hidden deep in our genes is the truth. And it is slowly clawing its way to the surface.

Olivia Kade knows the truth, and she has become the prophet of the coming collapse. Her book, SATYR, is an international bestseller, and it is being blamed for acts of senseless violence and bloodshed all over the world. Olivia’s own life is in danger from those who have read her work.

Determined to conduct a book tour, she hires security professional Connor Wilson to act as her bodyguard. She only has one requirement: he cannot read her work.


"The art was beautiful and haunting, with just the right amount of gore. The colors are gorgeous and really set the tone. The lettering is fantastic. Vault Comics never fails to put out books with exceptional teams that truly bring a vision to life."

Wandering Nerd Girl

"You should definitely pick up The Last Book You’ll Ever Read...This creative team is on quite the tear, and you’ll want to experience this horror epic while the blood is still warm."

Blakes Buzz

"THE LAST BOOK YOU’LL EVER READ #1 is an excellent view of a society coming apart at the seams when giving just the right push. The art is strong. The writing is stronger."

Comical Opinions

"The Last Book you’ll Ever Read #1 is a devilishly good read as Bunn, Leiz and Co. offer up an addictively mysterious comic. With an interesting concept, characters and art to kill for, if this comic is the last book you’ll ever read then you could do a lot worse!"

Pipedream Comics

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