The Long Twilight

A huge volume of edge-of-the-seat science fiction adventure, including: 

The Long Twilight: Grayle and Falconer met in relentless combat with no quarter in prehistoric ages past, their endless battle now remembered only as dark myths and legends. Now their long battle is nearing its climax—and the final battleground is an uncontrolled experimental power plant that threatens the Earth itself! 

Night of Delusions: A detective is hired by men claiming to be government agents and given an assignment that may lead to his being hailed as the savior of the nation—or executed for treason. His mysterious clients also give him devices to use in the assignment, devices which seem to be far beyond anything of which human technology is capable. And as he doggedly pursues the case, he finds that the very fabric of reality seems to be changing around him, even to the point that he himself seems never to have existed! 

* Plus three short novels of equally stunning concepts and breathtaking action.


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