The Lost Fleet: Corsair

The critically-acclaimed sci-fi novel comes to comics! Written by Jack Campbell (The Lost Fleet) and illustrated by Andre Siregar (‘Martian Comics’, ‘Severa’) and Sebastian Cheng (‘Revolution’, ‘Orphan Black’).

Imprisoned by the Syndics, Michael Geary’s one chance lies in Destina Aragon – determined commander of a regiment of hardened soldiers now caught up in a wide scale rebellion within Syndic space. Seeking to escape both their prison and Syndic space, will Geary and Aragon join forces to get home – or will the hatreds stirred by a decades-old war kill them both?

Explore the rest of Jack Campbell’s New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet series with The Lost Fleet and The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier, plus more set in the same universe in his Lost Stars and Genesis Fleetbooks.


“A Tom Clancy thriller in space!”

Publishers Weekly

“A fine blend of action and intrigue, THE LOST FLEET: CORSAIR is a 'must-read' for connoisseurs of the genre, highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“The action is thick and fast and the visuals are truly stunning.”

Sci-Fi Pulse

“Add[s] quality content to the original property that welcomes both longtime fans and newcomers.”

Comic Crusaders

“The pallet of colors to represent deep space is captivating […] like watching a classical science fiction series from years gone by […] A wonderful comic book to read and share with others.”

Outright Geekery

“Full of fantastically defined dialogue, accompanied by great illustrations. It’s everything you want in a Lost Fleet novel but in graphic form.”

The Bookish Outsider

“A solid, action-packed story […] The pace is great and the art and coloring deliver.”

Fanbase Press

“The tempo of the graphic novel is exactly right […] The art is punchy […] I enjoyed Lost Fleet Corsair as much as I hoped I would. It’s 129 pages long, I read it a flash and can’t wait for the next 129.”

Geek Native

“A strong, fast-paced story by writer Jack Campbell with terrific art.”

Chuck’s Comic Of The Day

“A feeling of classic Star Trek.”


“Jack Campbell delivers a sci-fi masterpiece.”

Pastrami Nation

“A mile-a-second ride.”

Freak Sugar

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