The Necromancer’s Map

Bethany, the necromancer with a heart of gold, and Elissar, her prone-to-brawling companion, are off to find the Covenant – a sanctuary for Bethany’s otherwise reviled magic. Unfortunately, their map makes no sense. Seeking the help of a young wizard named Jonas, whose knowledge may unravel the map’s secrets, Bethany and Elissar discover a mysterious illness plaguing The Foggard temple, home to the ancient order of mages. Double-unfortunately, Bethany and Elissar are not on the best of terms following the recent and violent encounter at Boulder’s Envy. 

Both new readers and fans of the first arc will find themselves drawn into Bethany and Elissar’s quest to find the Covenant! A continuation of the original Songs For The Dead story, The Necromancer’s Map can also stand alone for those who are just becoming introduced to this unlikely pair.

Co-authors Michael Christopher Heron and Andrea Fort, as well as artist Sam Beck join forces again for more adventure, more danger, and more fantasy in The Necromancer’s Map. “Songs for the Dead was a labor of love for us,” says Heron, “and I’m so excited to be able to continue Bethany & Elissar’s journey in The Necromancer’s Map. This is a perfect place for anyone new to the series to jump in, and for longstanding fans of the series, we promise answers to some of those burning questions! (But we’ll also add way more questions…)”


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