The Picture of Everything Else

As the 20th century dawns, art promises to change the world…and steep it in blood. A rash of impossible killings sweeps through Paris, tearing the rich and beautiful apart in their beds.

When two art thieves stumble upon the portraits of the victims damaged in the exact same manner they died, it appears the man who once painted the immortal portrait of Dorian Gray has returned—with darker plans for future works. From the minds of Dan Watters (Coffin Bound, Lucifer, Home Sick Pilots) and Kishore Mohan comes a haunting balance of depravity and beauty.


"This is another absolutely stunning debut from Vault Comics; a literary horror series that provides a visceral, haunting depiction of what happens when you change the world through art, and I absolutely cannot recommend it highly enough."

Big Comic Page

"The plot moves in an interesting branch from the material from which it was inspired. The art is wonderful and perfectly fitting for the setting. But most importantly, the story doesn’t erase the gay subtext of the original. Instead, it becomes much more overt and visible, and the story is stronger for it. I am excited to see where the story goes next, and if you’re a fan of gothic horror, you should be too."

But Why Tho?

“Kishore Mohan's light linework and sumptuous watercolors are the kind you want to dive right into...the big horror moments land with aplomb and gusto.”

Games Radar

"A blood-stained love letter to Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Everything Else immerses readers into the dark undercurrent that pulsed beneath the most well-known literary works of the Victorian era. A masterwork of modern Horror and a must-read series, The Picture of Everything Else is not to be missed."

The Brazen Bull

"I had high hopes for this first issue, and I was completely blown away. This is the sort of beautifully written horror that you crave in life. Decadent and exceptionally written, which is no surprise with Dan Watters writing it. There’s something about the way the story is told that you feel like you’re being drawn into the events alongside the characters. You’re helpless and intrigued and cannot look away from what’s unfolding. It’s SO GOOD."

Wandering Nerd Girl

"Magic and art go back a very long way and a title like this really hits a sweet spot on multiple levels.... Walters has a solid idea here and interesting characters from the start forced into hard choices while Mohan’s artwork is just fantastic through and through. It’s a great pairing that results in a strong opening book with a lot of potential."

The Fandom Post

"The Picture of Everything #2 is an issue you will not want to put down after picking up. The story is always twisting and introducing new characters and events to hook the reader, the art is utterly magnificent, and the lettering takes steps to enhance the read. There are so many reasons to love this issue and so few reasons not. The series is one I would definitely recommend putting on your pull list."

Monkeys Fighting Robots

"There is so much intimacy in the writing, keeping the reader feeling like they’re part of what’s unfolding, and keeps you emotionally invested in what is happening. The eerie feeling of looming danger for the Marcel haunts you, while the heartbreaking struggles he’s been through devastate you."

Wandering Nerd Girl

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