The Puzzle of the Red Stallion (#6)

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A model is dead in Central Park, and the only witness to the crime is a horse

The evening’s party is over, and modeling sensation Violet Feverel wants to get in a quick horse ride before the dawn breaks. She saddles up Siwash the stallion, and gallops onto the Central Park bridle path, eager to begin what will be the last ride of her life.

On the other side of the park, Miss Hildegarde Withers—schoolmarm and expert sleuth—breaks into a grin when she hears a patrolman’s radio mention a “Code 44.” As she knows all too well, “Code 44” means a dead body—and “dead bodies” mean adventure. Miss Withers follows the cop to the crime scene, where they find Violet Feverel lying dead, having apparently fallen from her horse. But if she died when she hit the ground, then why is Siwash marked with a spot of blood? For Miss Withers, answering this question will prove more exciting than an afternoon at the races—and much more risky.

(UK Title: The Puzzle of the Briar Pope)


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