The Warlord’s Legacy (#2)

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If death is the only true peace, then there can be only one true peacemaker…the Terror.

In the land of Imphallion, one legend is remembered with horror—the Terror of the East. Twice his shadow has fallen across the land. First to conquer it. Then to save it. Both times he brought blood and death as his companions. And both times, he faded into bleak memory…

Years later, memories are all Corvis Rebaine has left. The most painful of which is the memory of his beloved wife and children fleeing from him in horror after they learned of his terrible legacy. War has cost him more than his life, and he wants no more of it. But what Rebaine no longer matters. Because the Terror has returned.

A merciless killer seemingly clad in the Terror’s old battle dress and wielding his demon-forged axe is sweeping across the land, slaughtering all in his path. And worse, an old enemy has returned to claim revenge, aided by a woman whose very soul is consumed with rage and hatred towards Rebaine—his own daughter.

Now Rebaine must again wear the dreaded dark armor if he is going to save Imphallion as well as all he holds dear. But after so much war, so much blood, and so much pain, can he summon the strength to truly become the Terror once more?


“The sequel to THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW fills a vital niche in the fantasy adventurer genre, one occupied by the heroes of Michael Moorcock’s Elric Melniboné novels and C.S. Friedman’s Coldfire Trilogy.”

Library Journal

“All a reader could ever ask for in a bloody, hack and slash sword and sorcery.”

Grasping for the Wind

“THE WARLORD’S LEGACY is another thoroughly entertaining offering from Ari Marmell and one that any fantasy fan will have a lot of fun with.”

Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

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