The Well of Darkness (#4)

Written with Vicki Ann Heydron

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Rikardon and Tarani have the Ra’ira in their possession and plan to return it to the Council at Raithskar. But before they reach their destination, Rikardon is dealt a savage blow—Keeshah, his giant war cat, leaves to reunite with his own kind in the Valley of the Sha’um. Newly vulnerable, Rikardon and Tarani are captured and brought back to Eddarta, where Tarani is forced to surrender the Ra’ira to the vicious High Lord Indomel. As Indomel’s older sister, Tarani has a claim to his throne—and the gem. But to win the support of the other Lords, Rikardon and Tarani need more than birthright. They need an ancient talisman that can only be recovered by traveling to the poisonous crater known as the Well of Darkness—a journey that will test their courage and bond to the breaking point.


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