Touchable Unreality

Touchable Unreality is a bilingual anthology of Chinese science fiction. The collection features authors like Liu Cixin, Han Song, Hao Jingfang, Xia Jia, Chen Qiufan, Zhang Ran, Pan Haitian, A Que, and Bao Shu; all of their stories are printed in both English and Chinese thanks to the work of translators including Ken Liu, Carmen Yilin Yan, and Nick Stember.

The anthology is currently only sold in China, but is available for purchase at


“The stories are always imaginative and often glorious. They encourage readers to power down the laptop, put aside the glowing smartphone, and entertain the question, ‘What if?’”

Los Angeles Review of Books

“The typical reader is bored by the tediousness of science books and cannot finish them. But when dressed up in the form of fiction, the science can seep into readers’ minds…”

The New York Review of Books

“TOUCHABLE UNREALITY shines because its selections are more raw and more Chinese."

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