Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom

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Get ready—Vagrant Queen is BACK! Elida Al-feyr has finally managed to build a happy life… until a mysterious man in an ancient white ship shows up and takes it all away. And hey, where the hell is Isaac?

Set after the events of VAGRANT QUEEN, Elida’s new quiet life is interrupted by the mysterious Man in White, who insists Elida must come with him and take back her throne.


“Refreshingly, despite all the madcap hijinks, sass and shenanigans, Visaggio’s characters always remain well grounded, compelling and likable. With a fast moving plot and likable protagonist, ‘Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom’ #1 is a solid debut that leaves the future wide open.”

Multiversity Comics

“Elida has to be one of the best characters in the Vault stable, someone you can come back to over and over again because of how much you want to root for her. Furthermore, entering our second volume, I think Visaggio has done a pretty incredible job of making the book new reader accessible […] VAGRANT QUEEN is back and moving ahead with the same Elida we love, the same high level of art that we have come to expect, and a brand new adventure.”

Comics Bookcase

“If you’re into female lead sci-fi, centred around secret royalty this is definitely a series for you.”

Adventures in Bad Taste

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