Vampire Transgression (#3)

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There are only two rules that govern the lives of vampires. First, vampires are forbidden to associate with one another. And second, vampires must depart to the Dark Kingdom upon creating a new vampire.

Victor Decimus, once a Roman officer in the days of Jesus of Nazareth, has broken both of these rules. He and his former thrall Paul now live together as lovers, running an exclusive nightclub in Washington, D.C., that caters to those seeking to fulfill their darkest fantasies.

Their life together will be short-lived, however, if agents of the Dark Kingdom have their way—using methods that test both the power and love of the vampire transgressors.


“This spiritually-tinged potboiler’s nonstop progression or lurid gay sex and bloodsucking scenes will titillate fans of the genre.”

Publishers Weekly

“Well written and replete with fully realized characters. Recommended.”

Library Journal

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