What’s in the Dark? (#6)

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Also published in the UK as When Fell the Night.

A blackout leaves New York in chaos as cop Tim Corrigan searches for a shadowy killer

High above the sidewalks of Manhattan, Miss Graves is closing up the offices of the Burns Accounting Company when she hears a car backfire. It takes her a moment to realize that there are no cars on the skyscraper’s 21st floor. What she heard was a gunshot. But before she has a chance to scream, the lights go out across the Eastern Seaboard. In an instant, New York plunges into darkness, and a killer escapes into a city of shadows.

With the blackout comes chaos, as the city’s millions erupt into a frenzy of fear. Restoring order falls to the one-eyed peacekeeper of the NYPD, Tim Corrigan, and his closest friend, private detective Chuck Baer. Before the night is through, the 2 men will track down a murderer—and bring light back into a darkened city.


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