Zion’s Fiction: A Treasury of Israeli Speculative Literature

This anthology showcases the best Israeli science fiction and fantasy literature published since the 1980s. The stories included come from Hebrew, Russian, and English-language sources, and include well-known authors such as Shimon Adaf, Pesach (Pavel) Amnuel, Gail Hareven, Savyon Liebrecht, Nava Semel and Lavie Tidhar, as well as a hot-list of newly translated Israeli writers. The book features: an historical and contemporary survey of Israeli science fiction and fantasy literature by the editors; a foreword by revered SF/F writer Robert Silverberg,; an afterword by Dr. Aharon Hauptman, the founding editor of Fantasia 2000, Israel’s seminal SF/F magazine; an author biography for each story included in the volume; and illustrations for each story by award winning American-born Israeli srtist, Avi Katz.


“ZION’S FICTION is not only an excellent collection of speculative fiction from Israel, but also a book that makes us think anew about real challenges that the world must face in the future. Like other recent anthologies of international speculative stories, ZION’S FICTION opens our eyes to the creativity and literary invention happening beyond our borders and makes us long for more.”

World Literature Today

“The high quality of work makes this anthology enjoyable and accessible for any fan of speculative fiction.”

Publishers Weekly

“What we come away with […] is a sense that Israeli fantasy and SF is as lively and rewarding as any body of SF, and just as diverse—both in terms of the topics and themes and in terms of modes of writing, which range from the seriously literary and almost postmodern to playful celebrations of older SF traditions. Teitelbaum & Lottem have done an admirable job of balancing these various voices and traditions.”


“This first English-language collection of Israeli speculative fiction fills a hole in the literature of international sf that readers might not have realized needed filling […] This notable anthology is appropriate for all SF fans and a valuable resource for any library.”

Library Journal

“The complex and challenging stories collected in ZION’S FICTION are a welcome addition to the world of speculative literature.”

Jewish Book Council

“All 16 stories that were selected for the first volume of ZION’S FICTION have received positive reviews worldwide. They are very different from the kind of speculative fiction people read in the West.”

Jewish Independant

“[Teitelbaum] could imagine “ZION’S FICTION” anchoring a course on Israeli fantasy and science fiction at the high school or undergraduate level, not to mention becoming ‘the mother of all bar mitzvah books’.”

The Times of Israel

“A must have for hardcore science fiction fans.”

Amazing Stories Magazine