JAB welcomes new agent: Yezanira Venecia!


JABberwocky Literary Agency is pleased to announce that Yezanira Venecia has joined as a junior literary agent!

Yezanira Venecia has had a career in publishing for the past seven years, working in various editorial roles at Skyhorse Publishing, Soho Press, and most recently as an editor of general fiction and nonfiction (with a focus in crime fiction, memoirs, and The Last Interview series) at Melville House. While she’s acquired for various genres, her mission has always been to highlight marginalized voices in hopes that readers of all ages will feel seen and represented; and she will continue to do so in this new role of junior literary agent. Plus she’s already open for queries at: https://querymanager.com/query/YezaQuery

With Yeza on board, JABberwocky has grown to its largest staff size ever in the agency’s thirty year history. Eight of our now 13 employees are agents acquiring across all age ranges (from picture books to 400K word novels) and an ever-growth array of genres. So please review each of our Agent’s pages, including Yezanira’s, closely before choosing who to query at JABberwocky!

Joshua Bilmes, the President and founder of JABberwocky said, “it was clear immediately after meeting Yezanira that she was exactly what we’ve been looking for in the next stages of our growth initiative, adding hands-on experience in crime fiction and non-fiction, and broadening the range of both genres and voices that have a home at JABberwocky.”

Yezanira Venecia said, “As a reader of sci-fi and fantasy, it’s hard not to have great admiration for Joshua and JABberwocky and the quality books the team brings to readers. I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to join this team. I look forward to continuing to work with authors that push boundaries while entertaining readers … only this time I’ll be doing it as a junior agent.”