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Suzanne Palmer

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Finder (DAW, 2019)
Driving the Deep
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Detroit Hammersmith: Zero-Gravity Toilet Repairman [Retired]
Books of the Risen Sea

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“The Secret Life of Bots”
“Number Thirty-Nine Skink”


Praise for FINDER

“A nonstop SF thrill ride until the very last page.”


“Palmer makes short-distance space travel feel as comfortable as riding a bicycle, and concludes this entertaining caper with a clever resolution and a hint of intrigue. Fans of space adventure will find this a fine example of the form.”

Publishers Weekly

“DEBUT Fergus Ferguson likes his job finding things that have gone missing in space. Called a glorified repo man, he’s located and returned some unusual and dangerous cargo in his day, but this assignment is particularly tricky. He must find a stolen, armed spaceship, and wrest it away from a local gangster on the brink of warfare with a well-known arms dealer. Those caught in the middle include the families of miners and merchants, and an all-female community of lichen farmers. Cracking esoteric codes, improvising transportation and weapons, and being involved in knife fights in zero gravity is all part of a day’s work. Palmer, a Hugo Award winner for her short fiction, has created a pulp-style space opera debut complete with aliens, stinging space roaches, and lethal spores that ramp up the dread and increase the hurdles for the heroes. VERDICT Salted with a bit of humor here and there, a clear cadence, and conventional ending, this will please anyone who embraces outer-space yarns.”

Library Journal

“Mysterious aliens, interesting and very sticky characters, strong worldbuilding of a complex solar system, and very strong writing mark Finder as an excellent jump for Palmer from her award winning short fiction into the world of novels.”

“FINDER will serve as a… talisman and touchstone for future generations of lucky readers.”


“This is a fun old fashioned space action-adventure with a lot of humor.”


“FINDER is an imaginative and action-packed tale.”

Fantasy Literature

“With a first novel of this quality, Suzanne Palmer is another one who’s going to make more of a mark than she has already.”


“…a fantastic space opera.”

Reading Reality

“FINDER is the kind of science fiction you’d get if “Firefly” and Pierce Brown’s Red Rising had a baby—an adrenaline-packed, heist-filled ride with a heavy side of political intrigue.”


“Finder is a snappy, smart space adventure from Suzanne Palmer. It’s a lot of fun, and has some clever big ideas lurking beneath some tremendously human characters and a breakneck plot.”

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviews

“If you’re looking for a fun, little jaunt into a believable backwater with lots of intrigue, fun, and unsettling reminders of how fragile we all can be, this is one book that manages to encapsulate that mixture quite well. Suspenseful and funny without resorting to tired tricks… this has quickly become the frontrunner for my favorite book this season.”

Fanbase Press

“Suzanne Palmer tells a fun tale of a man whose plans are always crazy, but somehow work out. Lots of fun.”

University City Review

“…filled with action, intriguing alien races, and… a regular space MacGyver.”

The Genre Minx Book Reviews

“FINDER is fast, fun and furious as Fergus attempts to con the conman and retrieve the ship while escaping with his life.”

Tome Tender

“Palmer is not hoarding her ideas… She’s giving us a fireworks-filled book.”

Novel Gazing Redux

“It has been a long time since I enjoyed a SF novel this much. Finder is a raucous good time! Suzanne Palmer’s Fergus Ferguson is charming, imperfect, always in trouble, and a most resourceful rogue. I can’t wait for his next adventure. Characterization at its finest. Firecracker dialogue. Suzanne Palmer had me hooked, charmed, and howling with delight by the end of the first act. Finder is a marvelous first novel. Bravo all the way around.”

—W. Michael Gear, New York Times-bestselling author of Outpost


Finder proves hard SF, done brilliantly, is passionate, powerful, and brimming with humanity. Be it daily life or war in zero g, realistic communities in space or making us laugh at what clever beings we humans are, Suzanne Palmer nails it. I cannot wait for more. Highly recommended.”

—Julie E. Czerneda, author of Search Image


Finder is a breathless ride.”

—Jacey Bedford, author of Empire of Dust



The Fergus Series
1. Finder
2. Driving the Deep
3. Untitled Book #3

1. Detroit Hammersmith: Zero-Gravity Toilet Repairman [Retired]
2. Books of the Risen Sea

  • #1 — Winner of the 2016 Locus Award for Best Novelette
  • #2 — Winner of the 2017 Locus Award for Best Novelette

Short Fiction
1. “The Secret Life of Bots”
2. “Number Thirty-Nine Skink”