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Vault Comics

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JABberwocky is now handling foreign rights for all titles published by Vault Comics, a comic book publisher founded in 2016.

Alien Bounty Hunter (2017) | Biblio & Rights Info
Black Stars Above (forthcoming November 2019)
Cult Classic: Creature Feature (forthcoming October 2019)
Cult Classic: The Monster in King Lake (2018)
Cult Classic: Return to Whisper
Dark One (2020)
Deep Roots (2018)
Destroyer (forthcoming November 2019)
Deuce of Hearts (2017)
Engineward (forthcoming November 2019)
Failsafe (2017) | Biblio & Rights Info
Fearscape (2018)
Fissure (2017)
Friendo (2018)
Heathen (2017) | Biblio & Rights Info
Interceptor (2019)
Karma Police (2017)
The Mall (2019)
Maxwell’s Demons (2017) | Biblio & Rights Info
Moneyshot (forthcoming October 2019)
Morning Star (under contract)
The Necromancer’s Map (2019)
The Plot (2019)
Powerless (2017)
Queen of Bad Dreams (2019)
Ragmop (2018)
Reactor (2017) | Biblio & Rights Info
Relics of Youth (2019)
Resonant (2019)
Sera and the Royal Stars (2019)
She Said Destroy (2019)
Songs for the Dead (2018)
Spiritus (2017)
Stalag-X (2018)
Submerged (2018) Biblio & Rights Info
Test (2019)
These Savage Shores (2018) Biblio & Rights Info
Vagrant Queen (2018) Biblio & Rights Info
Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom (2020) Biblio & Rights Info
Wasted Space (2018)
Wrassle Castle (2019)
Zojaqan (2017)



“Intricate world-building meets a charismatic lead character, who we follow into a compelling and shadowy sci-fi world.”

Batman’s Bookcase

“Come for the story, stay for the incredible visuals.”

Multiversity Comics

“Adrian Wassel and David Booher have put together the penultimate action flick in comic book form.”

The Pullbox

“The writing from Wassel and Booher is absolutely breathtaking…Pair that with the stellar art work…and you have an absolute must read comic.”

Comic Hunter


“COLOSSI is a delightfully strange book that builds a huge world through the smallest details…COLOSSI #3 is a gorgeously-illustrated installment in a miniseries that blends mystery with sci-fi, horror with comedy, and creates an unusual story perfect for fans of weird series like The Twilight Zone or even campier fare like Are You Afraid of the Dark?…[It] delivers on all of the spooky surprises you would want, managing to deliver surprisingly real bumps in the night in a visual medium.”


“COLOSSI from Ricardo Mo, Alberto Muriel, and Stelladia is where Lost and The Twilight Zone meet.”



Brandon Sanderson’s DARK ONE is the realization of a supremely ambitious Vault Comics ideal. It’s a literary comic that blends high concept storytelling interests across genres without sacrificing any of the craft, structure, or character development needed to make narratives compelling and immersive.

Comics Bookcase

“A story that both perfectly captures and totally swerves common cliches and storytelling staples.

The Brazen Bull

“[DARK ONE is] a brilliant graphic novel that has some amazing themes delving into the duality of man and light and dark. The creative team tells Paul’s story beautifully, making sure that this novel will leave an impact.

But Why Tho?

Everything about this book is excellent, from the writing, art, lettering – every bit drips with that flare Vault comics all have.

Wandering Nerdgirl


“Action, drama, or science fiction fans should really enjoy this one.”

The Comic Hunter


“The whole book feels and reads like a dark fairy tale. Will Henry step up to the plate and be the hero that the Fearscape needs or will he live down to everyone’s expectations. Whatever the outcome, this story is intriguing.”

Comic Crusaders

“There’s some good depth here, and I’m pleased to see that the Fearscape is adept at regurgitating the archetypes and symbols we’d expect without assembling them into a defined form we’ve seen before… everything blends together seamlessly.”

Outright Geekery

“Fearscape #2 builds on one of the year’s best debuts to deliver another adventure in metafiction, one perfectly tailored for an indie comic audience. The protagonist’s imposter syndrome is so ugly and sincere that writerly types can’t help but relate, regardless of how painful it becomes, and there’s real honest beauty in that. 9/10

Batman’s Bookcase

“I liked FEARSCAPE so much I called @JamesTheFourth right after I finished the first issue. Kudos.”

Scott Snyder


“FISSURE ushers in a new era for Vault Comics with a solid mystery that is driven by characters not solely action. Daniel’s experience is on display as the dialogue is natural, the story involving, and Delpeche’s art is first class. FISSURE as well as Vault are the ones to watch in 2017.”

Spartantown (on FISSURE issue #1)

“The work that Tim Daniel has done here at the beginning of the series is beautiful. It takes no time at all to understand the setting, the characters, and the mood…The artwork from Patricio Delpeche is flawless in this debut issue. With a style that reminds me off Scott Kolins (artist on Flash, the Avengers) this doesn’t have the traditional look and feel of a small Indie comic. This is a work of art that can sit proudly on the shelf next to any other mainstream title and hold its own.”

Comic Crusaders (on FISSURE issue #1)

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m impressed, really impressed. FISSURE #1 was a comic that was on my radar but I’m sure it’ll be on too few and they’re missing out on a quality comic. This disaster horror story goes above and beyond in a way to not just entertain, but also reflects on what divides us.”

Graphic Policy

“FISSURE has a terrific pace, working to build the tension with each page turn…FISSURE is a slow burn that pays off in spades with a breathtaking final-page filled with intrigue and terror.  It does the due diligence of establishing the characters and making you care about them before shaking the ground beneath their feet.  You’ll be dying to check out the next issue, if for nothing else than to find out what’s in these holes.”

Horror Talk (on FISSURE issue #1)


“…a wonderfully empowering and exciting new series…”

Spartantown (on HEATHEN issue #1)
5 out of 5 stars!

“Great comics leave you wanting more, replaying what came before, and wishing 30 days would pass in a moment. ‘Heathen’ is that type of fantasy comic, that makes you fall in love with it only to be crushed 20-something pages later with a devastating cliffhanger. Vault Comics just snuck up on the industry with a blockbuster book of their own. Make sure you get HEATHEN so you can say were there from the beginning before it blew up.”

Spartantown (on HEATHEN issue #2)
5 out of 5 stars!

Buy. These. Books.”

The Court of Nerds (on HEATHEN issue #3)

These declarations of self from women and queer characters fit so elegantly into the mythology Alterici uses to weave her tale, it reminds us that these narratives belonged there all along.”

The Mary Sue (on HEATHEN issue #4)

“Overall, HEATHEN is and has been an excellent series that is highly recommended. The characters that Alterici populates her world with are unique and have heart. The reader will want to enter into the pages and hang out with them. HEATHEN is absolutely one of the best books being made right now. The Verdict: 10/10”

Comicosity (on HEATHEN issue #6)

“As a writer, Natasha Alterici has laid down some pretty impressive work. She’s crafted characters that live up to the hype surrounding Nordic myth, people who have very real thoughts and problems, and the courage to face them head on. Now, lest HEATHEN be pegged as being aimed at any one demographic, rest assured that Alterici has covered all bases, managing to represent all manner of folk in her book. . . . All of the clever writing in the world isn’t going to result in a quality comicbook without the art to go with it. No worries there, because as an artist Natasha Alterici has done an outstanding job . . . While there may not be many big action sequences, what there are have been done very well, with an almost cinematic quality . . . Don’t be a twit and write HEATHEN off as a title aimed exclusively at women. It’s a testament that Natasha Alterici was able to weave a story that can be embraced and enjoyed by anyone.”

The Pullbox (on HEATHEN volume #1)

“I want epics with female leads, and fortunately HEATHEN fulfills that desire in a big way, while also adding its own unique touch with themes that are as contemporary as they are timeless.”

Women Write About Comics (on HEATHEN volume #1)


“MAXWELL’S DEMONS isn’t an easy comic to read emotionally. It’s the kind of comic where you almost need something else to read afterward, to help cool down, but painful stories exist for a reason. MAXWELL’S DEMONS wouldn’t hurt so much if we didn’t care about Max’s journey.”

The Geeked Gods (on MAXWELL’S DEMONS issue #1)

“If you’ve ever wanted to know what a Pixar movie directed by David Fincher would look like, I would suggest you take a look at MAXWELL’S DEMONS.”

Multiversity Comics


“The first third of this comic lures readers into a family drama involving two estranged brothers… There is a great balance between realistic dialogue and unspeakable horror and a cliffhanger that practically demands the reading of the next issue.”

New York Times 


“…a fantastic comic blending horror, sci-fi, and action genres to deliver a truly unique experience.”

Comic Crusader

“…if you ever find yourself wondering where you can find a comic that feels like a summer blockbuster, with all the excitement and humor and drama that comes with it, then REACTOR is it.”

Multiversity Comics

“This series belongs to that sacred category of pulp fiction that wants nothing more than to excite and entertain…It’s just old fashioned vampire-killing fun, and I’m glad it exists.”

Doom Rocket


“Vault’s series spends much more time with the native culture, showing readers a side of the people often dismissed by the “savage” label.”

The AV Club

“…the mixture of traditional Gothic Horror and Indian mythology works effectively in taking us out of our comfort zone and into a new and intriguing world where nothing is certain and anything can, and probably will, happen..”

Big Comic Page

“Equal parts historical fiction, monster thriller, heart-rending romance. It’s These Savage Shores, the critically-acclaimed new series from Vault Comics that promises to be one of the finer comics experiences you’ll have this year — or, perhaps, any year.”

Doom Rocket


“A high-minded look at the intersections of violence, corporate exploitation of the individual, and technology, with imaginative art that conveys a sense of robotic and existential dread.”

Batman’s Bookcase (on SPIRITUS issue #1)

“The early anime robot tech, retro CPU visuals, and bleak military atmosphere all mesh perfectly for a powerhouse debut. SPIRITUS rules.”

Doom Rocket (on SPIRITUS issue #1)

“There’s a rare smoothness to SPIRITUS that sets it apart from other books, and it proves you need far more than concept alone to sell a story.”

Multiversity Comics (on SPIRITUS issue #1)

“Although the wraparound cover of Spiritus depicts a woman running side by side with a humanoid robot, I can’t help but be reminded of that feeling you get when looking at the black and red-figure pottery of the ancient Greeks. That feeling of connection to a different time and place. A connection made possible by a team of craftsmen and women working together to take something of function and use it’s form as a foundation to tell their stories…And like those pots and paintings of ancient days past, this comic book was crafted for more  than art’s sake, it serves a purpose. It carries accurate social commentary with Ted Daniel’s words. It holds all the proper emotion thanks to the art and colors of Michael Kennedy. And the message is clear thanks to Lauren Norby’s lettering and balloon styling.”

All-Comic (on SPIRITUS issue #1)


“SUBMERGED is a unique story full of beauty, sadness, and at it’s core hope. The characters will absolutely appeal to Latinx readers but at the same time does not limit it to a specific readership. This is a classic story for humanity and it’s written and illustrated beautifully. There is so much submerged below the surface of what’s on the pages that readers are sure to enjoy the journey that the creative team is taking them on.”


“SUBMERGED is a retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice that flips the original myth on its head. The comic relies on vastly different character dynamics and introduces a much more modern setting; however, the beats remain the same. Whether or not you are familiar with the original myth, Submerged will grab your attention from the jump. I suggest you dive right in.”

Comics Beat

“While SUBMERGED is a mini-series, there is certainly enough character and meat here to keep you sustained for its entire run.”

Black Nerd Problems

“this book delivers; there’s groundwork laid here that should pay off down the road, and just enough to hook the reader back for the second issue.”

Graphic Policy


“[TEST is] definitely for readers that enjoyed Transmetropolitan and Private Eye, and the sorts of stories that warn us not only about the decisions that we make, but also the things we believe.”

AV Club


“VAGRANT QUEEN is pure sci-fi adventure to the core that is without a doubt going to become a classic. It immediately drops the reader into an exciting world that begs to be explored and runs them through it at a fun pace. Visaggio and her creative team are producing comic book gold that is easy to fall in love with.”


“At its core, VAGRANT QUEEN is a traditional space scoundrel tale akin to the likes of Firefly, Solo, and the like… a damn solid book.”

Bleeding Cool

“[VAGRANT QUEEN IS] a good, well-paced story with great art and enough to make you want to come back for another installment.”

Major Spoilers

“VAGRANT QUEEN puts good ol’ fashioned quips and space opera in front of the capital B Big ideas.”

Batman’s Bookcase

“…full of fist fights, gun fights, and word fights, all centered around the main character, a deposed young brown-skinned queen, Elida.”

Black Nerd Problems

“[VAGRANT QUEEN] is another solid entry in Vault’s lineup of sci-fi books.”



“Refreshingly, despite all the madcap hijinks, sass and shenanigans, Visaggio’s characters always remain well grounded, compelling and likable. With a fast moving plot and likable protagonist, ‘Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom’ #1 is a solid debut that leaves the future wide open.”

Multiversity Comics

“Elida has to be one of the best characters in the Vault stable, someone you can come back to over and over again because of how much you want to root for her. Furthermore, entering our second volume, I think Visaggio has done a pretty incredible job of making the book new reader accessible…VAGRANT QUEEN is back and moving ahead with the same Elida we love, the same high level of art that we have come to expect, and a brand new adventure.”

Comics Bookcase

“If you’re into female lead sci-fi, centred around secret royalty this is definitely a series for you.”

Adventures in Bad Taste


“Just wow. The art in ZOJAQAN is so gorgeous and unique, depicting a fantasy realm interwoven with visions of our own world. The writing team of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing … provide a gorgeous and abstract script that reads like a fevered dream, complete with character development and glimpses of modern tragedies from our own times. This [is] a literary comic with questions about grief and theology, and a total joy for fans of surrealist art.”

Batman’s Bookcase



Bibliography and Rights Information


Alien Bounty Hunter (2017)

  • Film rights to Mark Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson

Black Stars Above (2019)

Colossi (2017)

Cult Classic: Creature Feature (2019)

Cult Classic: The Monster in King Lake (2018)

Cult Classic: Return to Whisper (2018)

Dark One (forthcoming 2020)

Deep Roots (2018)

Destroyer (forthcoming November 2019)

Deuce of Hearts (2017)

Engineward (forthcoming November 2019)

Failsafe (2017)

  • Film rights sold to Netflix

Fearscape (2018)

Fissure (2017)

Friendo (2018)

Heathen (2017)

  • Chosen as one of “2018 Great Graphic Novels for Teens” from YALSA!
  • Film rights sold to Constantin AG
  • Italian rights (Volume #1/Issues #1-4) sold to Tunué
  • Spanish rights (Volumes #1-3/Issues #1-12) sold to Astiberri

Interceptor (2019)

  • French rights sold to Casterman

Karma Police (2017)

The Mall (forthcoming August 2019)

Maxwell’s Demons (2017)

  • Included in Free Comic Book Day on May 5, 2018!

Moneyshot (forthcoming October 2019)

Morning Star (under contract)

The Necromancer’s Map (forthcoming August 2019)

The Plot (forthcoming September 2019)

Powerless (2017)

Queen of Bad Dreams (2019)

Ragmop (2018)

Reactor (2017)

  • French rights sold to Casterman

Relics of Youth (forthcoming August 2019)

Resonant (forthcoming July 2019)

Sera and the Royal Stars (2019)

She Said Destroy (2019)

Songs for the Dead (2018)

Spiritus (2017)

Stalag-X (2018)

Submerged (2018)

Test (2019)

These Savage Shores (2018)

Vagrant Queen (2018)

Vagrant Queen: A Planet Called Doom (2020)

Wasted Space (2018)

Wrassle Castle (2019)

Zojaqan (2017)