Christina Zobel

Christina (she/her) is the Subsidiary Rights Associate at JABberwocky. She works closely with Susan Velazquez on both foreign and audio rights.

She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a dual degree in English and Greco-Roman history. Before joining JABberwocky, she worked as Subsidiary Rights/Editorial Assistant at Harlequin Books (HarperCollins). Previously, she has also interned with Simone Garzella Book Scouting, Anthem Press, and Folio Literary Management.

Christina has always had a soft spot for fantasy and science fiction of any kind, with an emphasis on mythological and fairytale retellings. Beyond her literary interests, she is an avid fan of videogames, can be found laughing or crying at the latest episodes of Critical Role, and plays a truly absurd amount of TTRPGs (who doesn’t love adventures with friends!).