Goblin Quest (#1)

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Jig is a scrawny little nearsighted goblin—a runt even among his puny species. Captured by a party of adventurers searching for a magical artifact, and forced to guide them, Jig encounters every peril ever faced on a fantasy quest.


“[A] clever satire […] Reminiscent of Terry Pratchett and Robert Asprin at their best. An over-the-top tale that still manages to be genuinely touching.”

RT Book Reviews

“A series of action-filled, entertaining, and often funny adventures as [the heroes] battle hobgoblins, worms, a necromancer, and various other foes. The book will sppeal to both adults and young adults. Prepare to be entertained throughout and completely satisfied with Jig’s journey by the time you reach the end."

Midwest Book Review

“A gripping tale […] GOBLIN QUEST is a must have for the fantasy aficionados library.”

Romance Reviews Today

“[GOBLIN QUEST] has a lot working for it, particularly its humor and lighthearted narrative […] it innovates in placing the usually downtrodden race of goblins at the forefront.”

SF Site

“GOBLIN QUEST is a fun enjoyable read. Role reversal and jibes at the genre make Jig not only a sympathetic character, but seemingly the only sane one there for the reader to identify with. Of course, if you read this book and drive your spouse into fits of annoyance listening to you snort and giggle at the absurdity the author continually throws at poor Jig, don’t blame me. I merely said it was a great book.”


“This exciting adult fairy tale is filled with adventure and action, but the keys to the fantasy are Jig and the belief that the mythological creatures are real in the realm of Jim C. Hines.”

Baryon #97 (by Harriet Klausner)

“Enough humor here to make this a fun adventure with a nice sprinkle of originality that makes you want to continue to read to the end. All in all I found this another good example of a humorous bubblegum fantasy novel with some good original ideas.”

Fantasy Book Spot

“This is a fun tale […] This book is fun for all ages. GOBLIN QUEST is a stunning first book that reads more like a fourth or fifth book.”


“GOBLIN QUEST is a fun way to pass a few hours – its engaging parody of epic fantasy takes a sly wink at heroes, monsters, and the dynamics of adventuring. It’s guaranteed to keep roleplayers and fantasy buffs grinning and, who knows, it may just redefine the role of goblins in fantasy everywhere.”

The Harrow

“GOBLIN QUEST is definitely not your traditional fantasy. It’s a skewed, hilarious twist on epic quest fantasy, turning things upside down and showing them from the viewpoint of the cannon fodder. All of the usual troops are here: warriors, wizards, dragons, dungeons, quests, goblins, and so on, but nothing is exactly as you’d epect. Sick of those formulaic epic fantasies? GOBLIN QUEST is the exact opposite of them. It reminds me heavily of Eve Forward’s Villains by Necessity, which likewise showed a fantasy quest from an unusual viewpoint. I had a great deal of fun following Jig as he took control of his own destiny, and I look forward to future installments in his story. GOBLIN QUEST is a very welcome breath of fresh air, and a great addition to the comic fantasy genre.”

Green Man Review

“It’s not quite a parody, but it sure is tongue in cheek and has a bit of fun, with a lot of the elements that are typical of a quest fantasy novel. I loved it […] it was a fun read with great characters and had a nice ending.”

Galaxy Books

“Seeing the world through the eyes of Jig the goblin is both fascinating and original. Thanks, Jim Hines, for a great read. If, when growing up you loved Dungeons and Dragons, then this book will surely strike a chord. Such a great adventure romp. Roll on the next novel, Goblin Hero.”

Bewildering Stories

“[A] distinctive fantasy. GOBLIN QUEST is a cleverly written adventure fantasy with a no-so-ordinary goblin hero. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun and exciting fantasy debut and will definitely be following future episodes.”

SciFi Chick

“[Hines’] dungeon delving novel, GOBLIN QUEST, brings a jovial and ironic spirit to the ranks of fantasy fiction […] a fun adventure story, a sword and sorcery story like Robert Howard’s Conan or some Forgotten Realms novels. Jig’s characterization is consistent and compelling. Best of all, GOBLIN QUEST has a surprise ending that even the most hardened of fantasy readers might react to with shock. I recommend GOBLIN QUEST for those looking for more light-hearted fare within the fantasy genre.”

Grasping for the Wind

“It was hilarious. The subtle gamer-gags keep coming, but with perfect lightness and humor that prevent the book from ever descending into either triteness or dull parody.”

The Barbarienne’s Den

“The humour, mainly based on Jig’s commentary on the quest, is character-driven and nicely done, not laid on with a trowel nor reliant on multiple absurdities. The plot rolls along at a comfortably brisk pace with plenty of unexpected turns, sufficient backstory is revealed without clogging the forward movement. This book […] did make me smile a lot.”

Infinity Plus (UK)

“Jim C. Hines has given us a wonderful adventure from the goblin’s point of view, and it’s fantastic! I haven’t had this much fun reading a book in ages. I can’t wait to buy a copy for my stepson, who keeps asking me what I’m laughing so hard about.”

Wil Wheaton

“The book is funny, poignant, sometimes riffing off quest tales, other times plunging the reader into straightfoward adventure [...] Though this was a quest tale, Hines kept me guessing right until the very last page.”

Sherwood Smith, author of INDA and CROWN DUEL

“A rollicking ride, enjoyable from beginning to end. Jig is a fresh, engaging hero, for a goblin, and takes the readers through a whirlwind of magic and adventure that never once fails to entertain and amaze. Hines has just become one of my must-read authors!”

Julie E. Czerneda, author of the Species Imperative trilogy

“A clever inversion of the epic fantasy adventure tale. Brightly written and very entertaining.”


“A wonderful story that’ll make anybody who’s ever gamed laugh out loud, and even if you haven’t, is still so well-drawn and considered that there’s almost no way it can fail to charm.”

C.E. Murphy, author of Heart of Stone

“This humorous book […] will keep audiences laughing while afterward digging for more tales by Jim C. Hines. There is plenty of non-stop action in this enthralling fantasy land and the character development is superb.”

Harriet Klausner

“Takes us up close and personal with goblins and dungeon adventurers in a light-hearted but VERY insightful quest tale…a hilarious ‘good read.’ One of the funniest dungeon-delving epics ever!”

Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and author of Elminster: The Making of a Mage

“Need a book that will make you smile, then grin, then laugh out loud? If your tickle spot’s the same as mine, GOBLIN QUEST is the book you’re looking for—I’m still laughing.”

Janet Kagan, bestselling author of Uhura’s Song and Hellspark

“GOBLIN QUEST is a hilarious piece of work! It’s confident, irreverent and laugh-out-loud funny: one of the easiest fantasy reads I’ve come across in a long time. Jim Hines has a unique voice […] when you can hear it between the bouts of laughter, that is.”

John Kovalic, creator/author of Dork Tower

“[I’m] enjoying the heck out of it. Part flashback, part sheer amusement, and part enjoyment of the deconstruction of dungeon crawling from the point of view of the wandering monster. GOBLIN QUEST is hilarious. It has a wonderful angle on some classic material that’s in the DNA of many of my generation and younger […] Jim Hines’ Jig is a clever character, in several sense of that term. He’s got the RPG warrior mentality nailed to the wall. He’s got a lovely sense of plot and pacing. Most of all, he has an excellent sense of fun. If you’ve ever rolled 3d6 for a character trait, go read this book.”

Jay Lake

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