Iron Tears

A collection of fifteen R.A. Lafferty short stories with an introduction by Michael Swanwick.

“You Can’t God Back”
“Lord Torpedo, Lord Gyroscope”
“Thieving Bear Planet”
“The World as Will and Wallpaper”
“Horns on Their Heads”
“By The Sea Shore”
“Selenium Ghosts of the Eighteen Seventies”
“Magazine Section”
“Or Little Ducks Each Day”
“Le Hot Sport”
“Gray Ghost: A Reminiscence”


"In these wonderful stories Lafferty unfailingly puts us, in his own words, 'into a different juxtaposition with all things else in the world.' Nobody else does it better. In fact, nobody else does it at all — not like this. Lafferty is one of a kind, a magician of strange images made fleetingly recognizable, of familiar emotions made strange and new and haunting. A delight."

Nancy Kress

"The stories in IRON TEARS are alive with the strange combination of beauty and inexplicable terror and wonder found only in dreams."

James P. Blaylock

"I love this book [...] Lafferty is our unheralded American García Márquez [...] a word-slinger totally out of sync with today's slim-fast reductive rhetoric; a sly old buzzard who conjures up fables as lurid as Bible stories and tells them in a tornado of words wild enough to drive wood splinters through a windshield."

Terry Bisson

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