Smoke and Mirrors (#2)

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When Tony and his TV crew find themselves shooting in an actual haunted house, all hell threatens to break loose. Locked into the house overnight, can Tony keep the diabolical controling spirit from turning the crew against one another in an orgy of blood?


“Huff delights in simultaneously bringing out the worst and best of her characters, and she’s really found her stride here. Underneath the supernatural trappings and the nonstop wisecracks is a whodunit full of devious plot twists and genuine character development, and the fune-tuned mockery of (and occassional indulgence in) horror novel/film cliches adds spice.”

Publishers Weekly

“It’s a wild romp, full of dark humor, a delightfully twisted version of the usual haunted house story.”


“The author of the Blood novels has once again proven herself a master of urban fantasy. A good selection for most fantasy collections.”

Library Journal

“Enjoyable […] Huff is one of the best writers we have at contemporary fantasy, particularly with a supernatural twist, and her characters are almost always the kind we remember later, even when the plot details have faded away.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“There’s an excellent plot, innovative concepts, and a really twisted sense of humor running through the pages. I look forward to seeing if Tanya Huff can come up with a third.”


“Smooth, assured writing and astute, wry asides about the world of TV make this locked house mystery an easy and enjoyable read.”

Starburst (UK)

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