The Unhandsome Prince

Caroline kissed every frog in the swamp until she found the one that turned into a prince — only Prince Hal isn’t the handsome specimen she expected to find. Unless she can learn to love the princely sum of his parts, it’ll be unhappily ever after.


“In this clever twist on the old fairy tale, Moore combines elements of The Frog Prince, Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin into a fresh, modern whole.”

RT Book Reviews

“From the wickedly clever, slightly demented mind of Moore comes another fractured fairy tale melodrama […] Full of laughs and ludicrousness, THE UNHANDSOME PRINCE is highly recommended for Mel Brooks and Rocky & Bullwinkle fans.”


“A thoroughly scrambled fairy tale that works quite well […] Have fun!”


“A genuinely funny story of court intrigues and true love, sort of.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Moore has a twisted take on fairytale cliches, which makes his work fun, unpredictable and a light-hearted read. The characters may seem like fairytale archetypes but they transcend the genre, coming close to broad winks at the reader without going over the line, even as the story accelerates steadily toward a satisfying (and, naturally, romantic) conclusion.”


“Nobody does fairy tale parody better than Moore and what makes it a joy to read is that it is done with an affectionate tone and a fresh vibrant voice.”

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