An Epic Ebook Adventure


We’re excited to announce that we’ve soft-launched an e-book program we’ve been working on for a while now, starting with Simon R. Green‘s BEYOND THE BLUE MOON. At the moment, we’re just on Kindle, and we’ve just got the one book up, but we think it’s a strong opening: BEYOND THE BLUE MOON is the follow-up to Simon’s classic and beloved BLUE MOON RISING, and also ties in to his HAWK & FISHER series. We’ll be posting five more Simon Green titles soon, as well as most of the Hot Blood series, edited by Jeff Gelb and Michael Garrett and featuring erotic horror from all the top names in the genre. We’ll also be expanding to a number of different e-readers as we move forward.

These are all books that we (and readers around the world) love, which have sadly fallen out of print and become difficult to find. We wanted you to be able to find them again–so here they are, in shiny new digital editions. It’s been an exciting project, and we hope you’ll check it out and spread the news.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: Five more Simon R. Green books are now available for Kindle! We’ve posted the three volumes that together make up the Deathstalker Prelude: MISTWORLD, GHOSTWORLD, and HELLWORLD. These three books cover a time before Owen Deathstalker began to foment revolution in the Empire. Also available for Kindle are BLOOD AND HONOR and DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, two other novels set in the world of BLUE MOON RISING. If you’ve been hoping to get your hands on any of these, here’s your chance!