3/18/14: WE HAVE MOVED!

After an awe-inspiring post-St. Patrick’s Eeyore Day Parade (photo gallery link to come shortly) we have settled in our new Manhattan offices.

Effective immediately, our new contact details are:

JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.
49 W. 45th St., #12th Floor
New York, NY 10036-4603
Phone: 917-388-3010
Fax: 917-388-2998

2/28/14: Construction on JABberwocky’s new office is moving right along, and we thought that you (oh great and powerful internet) would like to see a few images showing its progress. Ceiling fans are starting to be hung, most of the paint is on the walls, and the light switches are in place.

All in all, Joshua is very pleased with the progress and he is expecting that our move will likely take place during the week of March 17th. Don’t quote him on that but, barring an Act of Eeyore, everything should be up and running in our new home on 45th Street in Manhattan within the next three weeks!

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Submitted for your consideration…

A first glimpse of the soon-to-be new office of JABberwocky Literary Agency, steps from Times Square, steps from Grand Central Station, steps from Bryant Park, right in the heart of it all.

If it seems like it’s only yesterday that we moved, it kind of is; it’s not even two years since we first left Joshua’s apartment for office space in Long Island City, Queens.   Just in time for practically every lot in the neighborhood to become a development site for luxury rental apartments, and our current office building is one of the next buildings planned for either redevelopment or replacement.

But we’ve just signed a lease for new office space in Manhattan, we’ve selected our color palette, our conference room door, the ceiling fans, everything the proper Manhattan office needs.  The contractors will soon be at work, and if all goes well, which as anyone who’s ever moved or had a contractor knows is kind of a big “if,” sometime in March we’ll be packing our bags and heading across the East River.

We’ll be using our website and Twitter to keep people up to date on the progress of the building out of the space and the other preparations for our move.  It promises to be an interesting next few weeks!