Another Award Nom for Adam-Troy Castro


We’ve just gotten the great news that Adam-Troy Castro is a finalist for the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis 2011, the major German awards for sf/fantasy which were established in 1980.  Bestes ausländisches Werk zur SF for his concluding Andrea Cort novel War of the Marionettes is the category in.  He’s the first JABberwocky client to be nominated for these awards, which is a nice 25th anniversary treat.  This is also a title that’s currently available only in German.  Adam has won the Seiun Award in Japan, the Philip K. Dick Award for the first Andrea Cort novel Emissaries from the Dead, and been a finalist in the US for the Hugo, Nebula, and Stoker, some multiple times.  Congrats on adding another laurel in another language!!