We are delighted to announce that preorders are now being taken for the Mistborn Role Playing Game, soon to be released from Crafty Games and based on the bestselling Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson It’s the first JABberwocky title to be adapoted into an RPG, which is just super nifty, the game book includes an original Mistborn short story from Brandon, it just looks like loads and loads of fun.  If you’re going to GenCon, you can buy there and get a free poster, as well.  We need to see about getting one of those.

Yes, you do need to Bring Your Own Dice, but it’s looking like a guaranteed fun time for all.  And since you need to BYOD, you can also consider BYOJ, by checking out the Badali official licensed Mistborn jewelry, direct from Badali with that link or this link from the Brandon Sanderson store.  Go to it!  Burn Pewter or Bust!!