Akers, Edelman, Moon Among Best of 2010


A couple weeks ago, we started relating some of the best-of news we’d been receiving of late.  Well, with 2010 now ended and 2011 firmly underway, we’ve got even more great news!

First up, congratulations are in order for David Louis Edelman.  GEOSYNCHRON, the conclusion to his highly-regarded Jump 225 trilogy, about an aggressive entrepreneur in a world in which you can download apps for the human body, was named one of the Best of 2010 on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist, and one of the top 5 by Bookgasm!

Next, join us in congratulating Elizabeth Moon.  The OATH OF FEALTY, which picks up the Paksenarrion novels after a long wait, was AV Club critic Donna Bowman’s 2nd favorite book of 2010!  JABberwocky favorite THE SPEED OF DARK, which won the Nebula for Best Novel in 2003, came out on audio this year from Audible, and their edition was named one of the year’s best by Fantasy Literature.

Our hearty congratulations to Tim Akers, whose THE HORNS OF RUIN was named by Paul Goat Allen of bn.com, as one of his top 10 steampunk titles of 2010!