Book Expo Middle Grade Book Buzz: Kate Alice Marshall


Kate Alice Marshall’s upcoming middle grade horror novel THIRTEENS was chosen as a Middle Grade Buzz Finalist!

Marshall was featured on a virtual Book Expo panel for the Buzziest Books Coming in 2020 to discuss THIRTEENS. During her section of the panel she talks about the story, its inspiration, and her plans for the future. You can check out the full interview here:



THIRTEENS is set in the town of Eden Eld, where every thirteen years, three thirteen-year-olds go missing. Eleanor and her two friends are about to turn thirteen, they know they are in danger, and the only clue they have to be able to solve the mystery and save themselves is a book of fairy tales unlike any they’ve read before.


THIRTEENS is forthcoming from Viking Children’s on August 18, 2020!. You can preorder it here.