Boskone Bound!


What better way to kick off the New Year than to look ahead to all of the upcoming conventions?

Joshua is doing just that, and his schedule for Boskone 52 has just been confirmed! Below is a copy of his scheduled panels for the convention and you can check out all of the JABberwocky agents’ upcoming events at our Travel webpage.

  • “Pitch Perfect” — Saturday 2/14/15 @ 3pm

Pitching a project is an art. What does it take to put together a good pitch? When should you give a pitch; when should you hold off? Pros share advice and tips on pitching, including success stories and failures.

  • “Demystifying the Agency Process” — Saturday 2/14/15 @4pm

The business of finding an agent can be a bit of a mystery. Who should you contact? What should you say? How much of your manuscript should be finished? These are only a few of the questions new authors have, but what about authors who have to change agents? There is a set of other issues they need to manage. Professional agents take the time to share their experience and advice on the steps in the “agent finding” process.

  • “Contracts: Talking Terms” — Sunday 2/15/15 @ 11am

Literary contracts can be tricky to navigate. Find out about the mysterious clauses and terms that are hidden in plain sight. When is a deal too good to pass up or too good to be true? Ask questions about what’s okay to publish, find out about legal landmines, and ask the questions that you most want to know.

Several JABberwocky clients have also confirmed their attendance at Boskone 52 so be on the lookout for Toni L.P. Kelner, Myke Cole, and Walter Jon Williams!