Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan Take Top Spot on Times List


We are excited to announce that book #13 in the Wheel of Time series, TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT by Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan, will be #1 on the New York Times bestseller list on Sunday, November 21st. It is also currently the #2 bestseller in the UK. Last year’s THE GATHERING STORM also took the #1 spot on the list, and just a few weeks ago it topped the paperback bestseller list upon the mass market release. The boxed set of Sanderson’s MISTBORN trilogy was also #1 on the boxed set bestseller list this week, and has just passed the Lord of the Rings boxed set to become the #5 bestselling boxed set of the year.

We already knew Brandon was a star, but this week has been great confirmation. Congratulations, Brandon! It’s been a great year.