Brandon Sanderson’s DARK ONE


Brandon SandersonDeadline recently reported on DARK ONE, a new multimedia project from Brandon Sanderson! Vault Comics will publish the two-volume graphic novel series, co-written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly (Joyride, Hacktivist). Publishers Weekly reports that the first volume will be released in the Spring of 2019. FremantleMedia North American and Random House Studio will produce the TV series, and a podcast of the same title will further explore the world of DARK ONE.

The project is described as “a dramatic fantasy adventure spotlighting a young man who sees visions of strange and fantastical worlds, which he is told are just hallucinations. But this dark and deadly fantasy world that keeps coming to him is actually a real vision of another world – one where he has been prophesied to become a tyrant and destroy this land of interesting creatures, sporadic electrical currents and a darkening landscape.”

Sanderson says, “I’m used to painting a picture in words. DARK ONE came to life when I freed myself to think of it as a project for actual visual media, with the setting, characters and outline all coming together.”

Sanderson is a multiple #1 New York Times bestseller and a Hugo Award winner, selling over 12 million copies of his works worldwide. The second volume of White Sand, Sanderson’s first graphic novel series, published in February 2018, with volume three under contract to Dynamite Entertainment.