Charlaine Harris Hits 20M Books Sold Worldwide


We at Jabberwocky are both proud and excited to announce that Charlaine Harris has, as of this year, sold over 20 million copies worldwide, including over 17 million in the US. Sales are also strong internationally, and DEAD IN THE FAMILY, the latest in Charlaine’s Sookie Stackhouse series, captured the top spot on bestseller lists the world over.

Congratulations, Charlaine, on these amazing numbers!

UPDATE: Ten days later, as we make our way through the new season’s royalty statements, we find it neceessary to update this number. With 3 million copies sold in the UK, and 1 million copies in print in French (including French Canada, where the Sookie Stackhouse books are just beginning to come out), Charlaine’s sales total is actually closer to 22 million. We look forward to seeing these numbers climb even higher. Congratulations again, Charlaine!