DISRUPTION by Aki Peritz named a “Best American History of 2021” by Kirkus Reviews!


Just in time for turkey week, we have an exciting bit of news to sink your teeth into! Kirkus Reviews released its “Best American History of 2021″ list, and Aki Peritz’s DISRUPTION has been selected!

This deep dive into the largest counterterrorism investigation in history delves into the aftermath of 9/11 as a new mega-plot in London emerges five years later, and recounts the heroic efforts undertaken by international intelligence agencies to uncover and crush it.

DISRUPTION earned a STARRED review from Kirkus earlier this year, which raved that the book is “an outstanding contribution to the literature of terrorism and counterterrorism.” Publisher’s Weekly calls it “A detailed portrait of a tragedy narrowly averted. Readers will gain new appreciation for what it takes to stop the next terrorist attack.” We’re thrilled that it continues to rack up praise and accolades in advance of its publication this December (you can find the full list here)!

Congratulations Aki!