A Bone to Pick (#2)

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Death comes calling on small-town librarian Aurora Teagarden in this entertaining mystery from #1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris.

Going to two weddings—one of a former lover—and a funeral for a member of her disbanded crime study club keeps Aurora “Roe” Teagarden quite busy for a few months. Unfortunately, her personal life seems to be at a standstill—until her fortunes unexpectedly change. 

After the funeral Roe learns that Jane Engle, the deceased, has named her as heir to a  rather substantial estate, which includes money, jewelry, and a house complete with a skull hidden in a window seat. Knowing Jane, Roe concludes that the elderly woman has purposely left her a murder to solve. So she must identify the victim and figure out which one of Jane’s ordinary-seeming neighbors is a murderer—without putting herself in deadly danger…


“Some genuinely funny scenes as Aurora breezily unravels the murderer’s identity […] supported by an appealing cast of Southern gothic characters.”

Publishers Weekly

“An enjoyable and intriguing cozy. Aurora is a delightful, realistic and funny character [and] the pacing is comfortable; it never races forward, but it never feels too slow either.”

RT Book Reviews

“A BONE TO PICK is just as good as, if not even better than, REAL MURDERS. By the end of the book you really feel that you’re ensconced in Aurora Teagarden’s world and what a quirky, murder-filled world she lives in. The unlikely heroine is a great character and we’re already chomping at the bit to continue on with the next book in the series. If you like your mysteries tightly woven and surprising then we can’t recommend the Aurora Teagarden series highly enough.”

Entertainment Focus

“I enjoyed the character even more as the author reveals more details about her personality.”

Critical Mass

“It’s a very good cozy […] Roe Teagarden is a well-rounded character with dilemmas that are believable and interesting. The plot works and the setting works. A BONE TO PICK is a well-written cozy by a writer with lots of talent.”

Reviewing the Evidence

“Fabulous […] Harris’ unique writing style steers the story along at a fast rate, and there’s plenty of laugh-out-loud moments.”

Marianne Delcourt, author of the Tara Sharp novels

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