A Matter of Death and Life (#2)

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Master thief, rogue and chancer Gideon Sable is back for another fast-paced supernatural heist – and this time he has the vault of a Las Vegas casino in his sights.

Judi Rifkin is one of the world’s most successful collectors of the weird and unnatural. In a London underworld filled with criminals with very special talents, Judi is a force to be reckoned with. And Gideon Sable – thief, rogue and chancer – owes her a very large favour. Judi makes him an offer he can’t refuse: steal her the legendary Masque of Ra, tucked up safe in a Las Vegas casino, and she’ll wipe the slate clean. This isn’t Gideon’s first heist by a long shot. But with old grudges threatening to cloud his judgment, an unpredictable crew who don’t entirely trust each other and a formidable supernatural security team guarding his target, this job might be a gamble too far . . . 


"It’s a wonderfully imagined setting, which will be no surprise for those familiar with Green’s oeuvre. The Sable novels make perfect fare for fans of urban fantasy, thrillers, or caper novels (or, especially, blends of all three)."


"I had a cracking good time with Gideon Sable and his more-misfit-than-usual crew as they took on Las Vegas. Calling this book a fantastic, slightly supernatural version of Ocean’s Eleven – complete with ALL the wisecracks – would be more accurate, and more fun, than anyone might have expected."

Reading Reality

"This adventure is a delightful escapist read, providing plenty of surprises along with the humour"


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