Against All Enemies (#4)

This title was initially published under John Hemry.

Previous: Rule of Evidence

After a long tour as legal officer aboard the starship USS Michaelson, Paul Sinclair is anticipating shore duty. Too bad it’s cancelled when a group of religious fanatics hijack a freighter and invade an asteroid. Fearing they could threaten the earth with asteroid debris, starships from several countries converge on the scene. But their mission turns deadly when the South Asian Alliance opens fire on the asteroid.

After the smoke clears, Paul suspects the Michaelson’s rules of engagement have been compromised—suspicions that are confirmed when NCIS asks him to work covertly as a spy. Someone onboard the Michaelson is selling secrets, and to uncover the traitor, Paul must walk the dangerous line between duty and honor…


“Hemry’s real-world experience gives the investigation and subsequent courtroom scenes a convincing feel. If you crave a legalistic space-Hornblower, you’ll enjoy this one and you’ll look forward to what he gets into next.”


“Hemry concludes an exceptionally thoughtful and intelligent series on a strong note.”

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