Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia (#3)

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In this third Alcatraz adventure, Alcatraz Smedry has made it to the Free Kingdoms at last. Unfortunately, so have the evil Librarians—including his mother! Now Alcatraz has to find a traitor among the Knights of Crystallia, make up with his estranged father, and save one of the last bastions of the Free Kingdoms from the Evil Librarians.


“A gripping fantasy book […] by Brandon Sanderson who is a hilarious author and I though his best was really showcased in this book.”

The Guardian

“Beneath the wild humor, there are surprisingly subtle messages about responsibility and courage.”

School Library Journal

“With comical insight into human nature and just enough substance to make it all matter, the plot offers up plenty of action, gadgetry, metafictional humor, grudgingly dispensed hints of the libararians’ endgame, and counterintuitive Smedry Talents to keep the old fans and new readers alike turning pages.”

Horn Book

“Offbeat humor, a budding romance, plenty of magic, creative world building, smart references to science fiction lumaries, clever word play, and good action scenes make this one a strong choice for young teen boys and adult fans of the SF genre […] Hard to imagine it being any better written.”


“Seductive […] just the right balance between high adventure and silliness.”

Critical Mass

“Lives up to its predecessors with vivid action and high drama.”

Midwest Book Review

“Fans will enjoy every silly moment.”

Children’s Literature

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