An Ancient Peace by Tanya Huff

An Ancient Peace (#1)

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Bestselling author Tanya Huff returns to the spacefaring Confederation in a new series, as centuries of battle give way to a fragile calm… but new threats lurk beneath the surface.

With the war that’s dominated her life finally over, Torin Kerr is ready to prove wrong anyone who claims there’s no such thing as an ex-gunnery sergeant. She has plenty of opportunity to use her unique skills as a contractor to the Peacekeepers, zipping up petty rebellions and working to rehabilitate those who can’t lay down arms. But when Military Intelligence calls with a covert mission so explosive it could tear apart the Confederation, Torin can’t possibly refuse.

Someone has found the hidden tomb planet where the founders of the Confederation buried their weapons when they swore off violence. Now the clock is ticking for Torin and her team to find it, too, and stop the planet-killing technology from resurrecting. But the Elder Races aren’t telling them everything. The citizens at the Core treat warriors like criminals. The grave-robbers know secrets no official record includes. And in the heart of this strange ancient memorial, Torin might learn more about the Confederation’s past than is good for her…


“Huff’s ability to communicate complex personal dynamics and deep trust through what feels like casual banter establishes the character of the team well for the reader, and solid stretches of reconnaissance and well-tuned moments of violence show Huff’s military SF skills still on point.”

Publishers Weekly

“This book can be read as a straight-up adventure (with obvious nods to Indiana Jones along the way), and on that level it’s very entertaining. But there’s more to it, if you pause to consider [...] I think Torin Kerr has become my favorite of Huff’s characters, which is saying something.”

Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine

“The action hits the planet running, Huff kicks it into high gear.”

RT Book Reviews

“[I] thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced and fun “secret mission” type story, and look forward to reading the next book in the series. I definitely recommend AN ANCIENT PEACE for fans of military sci-fi.”


“AN ANCIENT PEACE might be the most fun you’ll have with a book this year.”

Northern Tomorrows

“Plenty of action [...] it’s a fun adventure.”


“Escape Rating A: The Valor Confederation series is one of my all-time favorite military SF series [...] [and] the story in An Ancient Peace is certainly the adrenaline-fueled adventure that I have come to know, love and expect from this series.”

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