Archipelago (#1)

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Make no mistake about it. This is a dangerous book.

It is also a very funny book.

It is also a lot of other things. Mix your own adjectives. Dump them into Casey’s crock or mix them up in Duffy’s soup. Scoop out a ladle full. The chances are they will describe Archipelago perfectly.

You will read about the Dirty Five, wanderers in the World. But they are also Iason and Orpheus, Meleager and Peleus and Euphemus. Their ship is the Argo. How can that be?

Most of all, here is another yarn about Finnegan. It may answer some of the questions from The Devil is Dead (or it may only question some of the answers.) If you’ve never met Finnegan before (but surely you’ve met Finnegan) then this is the place to start.

This is the first book of The Devil is Dead.


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