Beyond the Blue Moon (#4)

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Two legendary heroes are called upon to save the nation of their birth in this fantasy adventure by the New York Times–bestselling author.

It has been many years since the long night of the Blue Moon. King Harald is dead, and chaos reigns in the Forest Kingdom. The long-lost heroes of Blue Moon Rising must return in order to save the nation of their birth—and it may already be too late.

A stunning revelation about the true identities of two Haven cops (whom readers will recognize from Green’s popular Hawk & Fisher series) awaits. At long last, revisit the world of the Blue Moon.


“Continuing the adventures of a pair of charmingly roguish and intensely honorable heroes, this fast-moving wisecracking sequel to BLUE MOON RISING belongs in most fantasy collections.”

Library Journal

“Fans of Hawk & Fisher will particularly enjoy the revelations about the deadly duo’s background, and as always Green provides plenty of spectacular violence and some spectactular wonders. Solving the mystery is almost incidental, but that doesn’t really matter in this engrossing adventure.”


“One of the best fantasy books I’ve read all year […] I can’t recommend the book highly enough.”

Green Man Review

“I was completely caught up in their adventure and read it intently and impatiently until they finally achieved their destiny. If they’re making fantasy adventure much better than this, I don’t know about it.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“Very satisfying.”

Wiltshire Times

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