Blade and Bone (#3)

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In the chaos following the fall of Erugash, the reluctant sorcerer Horace, spy Alyra, and ex-gladiator Jirom have fled deep into the desert with a small army of followers devoted to fighting the evil Akeshian empire. But even as the rebellion strikes at their oppressors, the Akeshians are about to become the least of their concerns.

For a dreadful power greater than all the god-kings of the land has risen. He is called the Manalish—a wielder of dark magic more terrifying than any nightmare. He commands legions of undead warriors who kill, devour, and transform their victims into minions that know neither fear nor pain. The great cities are falling before him without challenge, and even the combative kings of the east are desperately joining forces against him.

But the Manalish also knows of the rebels—and of Horace’s growing skills. And when he sends a force of his ghuls after them, the freedom fighters are scattered in a seemingly inevitable and final defeat.

And as his friends flee for their lives, Horace chooses another path. Led by visions and omens he cannot fully understand, he sets alone out on a journey that will either unleash the awesome power he has yet to discover within him—or doom Horace and his comrades to a fate far worse than any death…


“Recommended for fans of sword and sorcery in a unique setting with a truly diverse cast.”


“An exhilarating extravaganza that is totally engrossing [...] BLADE AND BONE is a damn fine fantasy tale filled with terrifying events, a bit of gore, loads of action (both sword and sorcery), and characters which really hit their stride. And the ending . . . well, I’ll just say I can’t wait to see what Sprunk has in store for the next book.”

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