Blood Trail (#2)

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For centuries, the werewolves of Toronto have managed to live in peace and tranquility, hidden quietly away on their London, Ontario farm. But now, someone has learned their secret—and is systematically massacring this ancient race.

The only one they can turn to is Henry Fitzroy, Toronto-based vampire and writer of bodice rippers. Forced to hide from the light of day, Henry can’t hunt the killer alone, so he turns to Vicki Nelson for help. As they race against time to stop the murderer, they begin to fear that their combined talents may not be enough to prevent him from completing his deadly plan.


“One of the most unusual plots of the year. A fine mix of the detective story with the supernatural, and easily Huff’s best novel to date.”

Science Fiction Chronicle

“A dab hand at creating atmosphere and menace, Huff has no qualms about putting her characters through hell and so keeps the level of tension high throughout. Entertaining.”


“Wryly funny […] ticks all the right boxes for people who like this kind of thing.”

SFcrowsnest (UK)

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