Call of Madness (#1)

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Great power commands a great price…

Magic has been forbidden in Caithe for 200 years and those born with magic—the Lorngeld—are considered the devil’s children. The Lorngeld are ruthlessly executed by the Caithan Church before they can be corrupted by mind-plague—the volatile madness that afflicts untrained wizards. Only King Kelwyn, artificially gifted with borrowed magic, is exempt from punishment. His daughter may not be so lucky.

Impertinent and rebellious, Princess Athaya prefers to spend her time gambling and drinking rather than courting would-be suitors. Discovering that she is a natural-born wizard is an unwelcome surprise. But there are those who believe it is a gift, and that an adept of Athaya’s inherent ability may be an opportunity to finally lead the Lorngeld out of persecution. 

Torn between loyalty to her kingdom, her duty to the Lorngeld, and her own impulsive heart, Athaya must harness her burgeoning magic before it drives her mad, and learn to wield its power before those who fear it—and those who envy it—can destroy her.


“All in all, CALL OF MADNESS provides plenty of action entertainment in a distinctive setting.”


“Julie Dean Smith’s first novel is not a generic dime-a-dozen fantasy. It is an entertaining novel with some original twists […] a good job […] Smith’s flashes of originality lift CALL OF MADNESS above the mediocre ranks of look-alike fantasies. I hope she continues to develop and improve her evident talent.”

Aboriginal Science Fiction

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