Country Comes to Town (#4)

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When her ex-boyfriend’s body turns up in a snowy Boston alley, Laura Fleming must track down an ice-cold killer in the fourth in Toni L.P. Kelner’s mystery series.

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of Laura Fleming. Though she’s happily settled in Boston, Laura is thrilled to hear that her cousin Thaddeous is visiting from North Carolina. Before she can begin showing him the best of Beantown, however, bad news also comes to call. 

Laura’s college boyfriend, Philip, is found dead behind her apartment building. Philip had recently contacted Laura, trying to mooch a place to stay. Guilt and old ties compel her to investigate, and Thaddeous’s Southern charm is a real asset in wheedling information out of Philip’s loved ones and friends. Not that Laura’s difficult ex had many of either; his wife had kicked him out and he was on the brink of getting fired. Working undercover at Philip’s software company, Laura begins to decode the murderer’s motive. But as she and Thaddeous root out a mess of blackmail and revenge, they edge closer to a killer who’s just waiting for them to make a permanent fatal error…


“Greed and jealousy in the intricate world of computers provide a nonstop pace.”

Publishers Weekly

“Moves along as swiftly as a debugged program–or, as Laura and cousin Thaddeous might say, right smartly.”

San Jose Mercury News

“These characters warm your heart as the murders chill your soul, as good mysteries should.”


“A charming, charismatic and intelligent mystery that will kidnap your attention and time. Five cats.”

Kate’s Mystery Books Newsletter

“The cast of characters is witty and the solid mystery compels this puzzle.”

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